Cuisine: Thanfusth n'bumerdukh

Bumerdukh is a wonderful condiment cherished by the shawias for centuries. It's a base for most of their dishes like thashakhshukhth (that's not a welsh word!!), tharektha, thishinbirin etc.This is the original recipe of this cured condiment that I got from my nanna. You need:

1/2lb of lamb fat*
1-2tbs of crushed red sweet and/or hot red pepper
2- 4tbs of coarse salt
2tbs of coriander powder(kosbor) or fresh cilantro
6-10 gloves of fresh garlic.
In a mortar or a food processor work all the ingredients together until you get a smooth paste. Divide the paste into balls using a tablespoon. In a tide lid container store the Bumerdukh balls until they're cured(at least 2 weeks or more).
Now start cooking!! Every time you cook a dish that required bumerdukh, drop a ball or two of this spiritual bliss. The smell will tell you if you are shawi or not. enjoy!!

* I replaced lamb fat with butter or olive oil. It worked as well, except that this recipe variation needs to be kept in the frigde for a solid state.
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