Comic Books: Thajlidth N'Ayth Ufella

Queen Kahina Comic Book
A Moroccan institute(IRCAM) will be issuing a comic book about the legendary berber Queen Kahina or Queen Dihya:
Tagllidt N Ayt Ufella, the Queen of heights, is well decided to protect her people against evil. Inspired from a historical Berber character, Queen Dihya, who had frightened 7th century Arab invaders into calling her "Kahina" (the witch), the young queen calls her friend the jinn for help as a terrible storm threatens her peaceful kingdom.
What the green-eyed, red-haired heroine does not know is that the struggle she will be leading from her mountain will also help young Tifinagh (Amazigh script) learners the third alphabet in their school life.
The comic book will be published in the Amazigh language as a learning aid for schoolchildren.(more...)
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